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    Target Mat Champion Game
    A good game to finish sessions for school groups or for a quick draw bowling competition for any group

  • If the class has more than 10 if possible use two target mats at the end of the green where the bowls will need to be put away. Leave the markers out on the green you are using
  • Get the class all at the other end at the right time
  • Explain the game rules: You bowl your two bowls consecutively to the target mat. If you get a bowl on the mat it stays there. Every bowl which misses is put away in its container by that student (helps you get the club bowls put away correctly)
  • Choose two volunteers to bowl first (they get to take their missed bowls back and bowl them again after everyone has finished)
  • When all have bowled those with a bowl on the mat pick it up, take it back to the other end and bowl it again
  • The finalist with the closest bowl wins a prize (orange juice?)

  • 1-3-5-7 Pairs
    This game is for school groups on second or third sessions. It gets over problems with children who do not like going to different ends of the green

    For each rink you need two jacks or preferably half tennis balls and eight markers (at least 4 flat plastic)

    Before the group arrives set out the rinks to be used with
  • A mat at each end on the T
  • A rectangular zone at each end well short of the mat so that bowls from the other mat go around the zone. The zone is approximately two metres wide and three metres long with flat plastic markers on the short end and other markers on the long end.
  • A half tennis ball in each scoring zone about a metre from the back

  • Scoring
  • Each side plays 4 bowls.
  • A bowl finishing with any part inside the zone scores.
  • One bowl in the zone scores 1, two bowls 3, three bowls 5, four bowls 7
  • In addition any bowl finishing with a foot of the jack scores an additional 10 (a foot is the length of the coachs foot)
  • The maximum score on an end is 47!

  • Scoring Zone Two Bowl Pairs
    A good game for team practice for bowlers of any level
  • At each end of the rink set out a rectangular scoring zone 1 metre square or less
  • Use flat plastic markers at least for the front markers
  • Place a half tennis ball at the centre of the zone
  • Have a mat at each end
  • Score normal bowls rule plus one point for any bowl finishing with any part of it within the zone