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Robert (Bob) Tuck, the originator of getagameofbowls, has recently written a book called Lawn Bowls: The Game & How To Play It Well. You can find out more about the book from this link or read part of the chapter on getting your weight here
You can buy the printed book for $24 posted or as an ebook for less than $5 on all platforms.

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    Hello *|FNAME|*

    Greetings to all members of *|CLUB|* Bowling Club

    Some of you may have had problems accessing the getagame site over the last few weeks. A software update caused the loss of all contact between the web pages and the database. When I found out that it had happened it took me three weeks to update all the required pages. The pages for adding and editing games took the most time. Everything should work now and many pages have been tidied up in the upgrade. Please let me know it you notice any problems.

    It has been great to see bowls figuring more prominently in the media . In the last few months we have watched Channel Seven (the Commonwealth Games with complete matches shown), SBS (the bowls show) and Foxtel (Australian Open Bowls Premier league and the Bowls Show). The games broadcast on Seven showed our sport to a very wide audience.

    It was a pity that the organizers did not require each country to use uniform coloured bowls. Several of my friends and family commented that the games other than singles seemed to be exciting but they were hard to follow because of the different coloured bowls.

    I would like to bring to your attention the charity auction next Wednesday of an Australian shirt signed by all members of the Commonwealth Games team.

    Good Bowling

    Bob Tuck

    Getagame Gazette
    volume 3 no 2 July 2018

    Articles In This Edition
  • Update *|CLUB|* ’s listings on Getagame
  • Advertise *|CLUB|* Bowling Club or its major sponsor
  • Commonwealth Games Shirt Auction
  • South Australian Super League Prompts Media Interest

  • Update *|CLUB|* ’s Listings on Getagame

    The middle of the year is a great time to update *|CLUB|* ’s listings on getagame.

    Log on with the club log on link and enter your username *|username|* and pin *|PW|*. After you have logged on succesfully and clicked to continue, look at the table with the big red border containing three links

  • Click on the third link Copy, edit or delete *|CLUB|* Bowling Club tournaments . This takes you to the foot of the page where you will see a list of all of the tournaments from *|CLUB|* which remain in the database (those dated prior to today will not be appearing in the public list)

  • If you have organized any of those games in future months and have not yet listed them click on fill. The form for re-entering the tournament will be completed. You enter the new dates, edit the details if necessary,fill in four other items and the tournament will be listed. It should take you less than 2 minutes.

  • If in the list there are tournaments which you will never run again or are duplicated please delete them.

  • If you have planned a tournament which is not there go to the top of the page and list it.

  • If a tournament has not been fully planned but the date is set you can enter what you know and edit it later

  • Click on the link Add or edit a weekly social game for Brighton Bowling Club and then on CLICK HERE to view, edit or delete…….

  • You will then see a list of your club’s weekly social games which allows you to edit or delete them

  • If no games are showing go back to the top of the page and enter your games

  • If *|CLUB|* has weekly social games listed it would be sensible to go to the social link from your club listing in findaclub and check the *|CLUB|* games to determine whether any editing is required.

  • Advertise *|CLUB|* Bowling Club or its Major Sponsor

    *|CLUB|* Bowling Club is invited to have an advertisement for the club or its major sponsor appearing in the pages which are exclusive to *|CLUB|*.

    The places your ad will appear are

    (1) The details of the *|CLUB|*’s weekly social pages like this - click here

    (2)The details of your weekly social game from a state list of social games on each day of the week like this -click here

    (3) Between the club and tournament details for every listed club tournament – like the picture on the right. You can see it currently as the first featured tournament when getagame is loaded but it will disappear on Monday 9th July when the tournament starts

    To have these no cost advertisements for your club or sponsor send me a jpg file of the advertisement you want to use . It should be oblong with width 1.5 to 3 times height. It will be displayed with a height of about 10 cm.
    park beach add

    You can see at the top of the picture the tounament listing has been viewed 534 times. As with all getagame features there is no charge for this service, I do invite clubs who get good value from the site to make a voluntary donation to their local legacy club

    Commonwealth Games Shirt Auction ***PHONE BIDS WELCOME****

    Every year the Park Beach Bowling club at Coffs Harbour runs NSW's biggest open singles tournaments.

    With 120 entrants, three days of group play is followed by two days of knockouts. There is prizemoney of $33000 with $10000 for the winner!

    On Wednesday 11th July after the completion of the group stages there is a huge ‘calcutta’ where each of the 32 remaining players is ‘auctioned’, as well as a raffle with the players as prizes.

    Added to this night in 2018 is a charity auction which features a Commonwealth Games Shirt signed by every member of the Australian Bowls Team (only 2 such shirts exist).

    Clubs or bowlers are invited to lodge a fixed bid or arrange to be on a live phone call on the night during the auction. If you or *|CLUB|* Bowling Club would like to do this please phone Peter Bischa on 0428 999032 and he will make appropriate arrangements. The shirt has been framed, and all proceeds will go to Camp Quality.

    South Australian Super League Prompts Media Interest

    In South Australia the winters are cool but sunny and infrequently wet. While you can play bowls on about 80% of days without getting wet or freezing, there are no organized events except a few club weekly social games.

    This year BowlsSA took advantage of a great new covered bowling facility at Salisbury Bowling Club to arrange a Super League which involves a number of innovative ideas.

    These inlude
  • A season of 7 weeks with 8 teams
  • Each game involves a side of 6 players in a single, pair and triple
  • Squads of 12 players, with six quality players from the zone, four players be selected in a live player draft (all members in the state could nominate for the draft) and two Under 18 players. All squad members must play at least one game
  • Two power play ends for each team in each game
  • Live streaming of all games (a training session has already been held for volunteers using their mobile phones to stream it through facebook)

  • At a time of the year when we would expect no media interest in our game, the Super league has generated remarkable cover.

    Well done BowlsSA!

    park beach add

    Read all about the SA Super league and look at the videos on Bowls SA Website


    Each time you receive this newsletter would you

  • Check that all your weekly social games are listed and make sure that the information shown is still accurate. Where social games change with the season it is best to edit them when they change

  • Make sure that any tournaments planned by your club have been listed.

  • You can list your weekly social games as tournaments each week. This will give them better exposure in your state. When doing this you can show your prizemoney and sponsor if you have one. Once you have listed the first game you can list subsequent weeks with only 3 clicks. You can do this and have the games listed both as weekly social and in the list of tournaments.

  • Editing and Partial Listing of Tournaments

  • You can now edit tournaments by going to the bottom of the entry page where it gives you a list of all tournaments previously entered by your club. You can change any of the details except the date.

  • If you know the date, the type of tournament and the expected prizemoney (eg Fours Men (2 day) 21st March 2018 $3000. you could partially list the game and put put something like Please reserve the dates, more details later in the special conditions box

  • If you also know the sponsors name and the tournament deserves state or nation featuring (usually state $2000 or more, national $5000 or more your choice) you could do this at the incomplete stage and give your sponsor much more exposure in the state and national featured lists

  • Add 'Find a Club' to your Favourites

    The 'find a club' section of get a game provides your quickest possible means of finding the phone number and location of any club in Australia - it is well worthwhile to have that link in your favorites

    It also provides links to 995 clubs with web sites and 187 clubs which have a facebook page and no web site


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