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Robert (Bob) Tuck, the originator of getagameofbowls, has recently written a book called Lawn Bowls: The Game & How To Play It Well. You can find out more about the book from this link or read part of the chapter on getting your weight here
You can buy the printed book for $24 posted or as an ebook for less than $5 on all platforms.

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    Getagame Gazette
    volume 3 no 3 September 2018

    Articles In This Edition
  • Could Laser Measuring be Used For Bowls
  • Ultimate Bowls Championship Fun Fast and Fresh with $500000 prizemoney
  • The Modern Etiquette of Bowls

  • Could Laser Measuring be Used For Bowls

    A few weeks ago I talked to my son about a device the same size as a bowls measure used by a real estate agent to measure a room. His comment was ”Why don’t they use lasers to measure in bowls”, a common opinion amongst non bowlers.

    I made my usual reply "Laser measures are not in the rules and if they worked it would take 20 years to get them approved.” But I also added that it would be interesting to see if they could work. Father’s day arrived and with it a laser measure.

    Here is what I found out

    dewalt The device is a DeWALT 9m laser distance measurer sold by Bunnings for $31.90. It is much smaller than a bowls measure

    First of all I tried it using indoor carpet bowls. Measuring is tricky in that game because the jack can not be touched without moving it. With the laser you can measure from bowl to jack, which means there is no need to touch the jack and once leaning bowls are chocked there is no risk of moving the bowl

    To use the measure you need to lift it so that you can measure from the closest part of the bowl. I used a piece of high density foam cut to slide under the bowl. Foam is needed to move the laser spot up or down to hit the centre point of the jack. I placed the foam in front of the bowl, put the measure on top and moved it back so it was touching the bowls.
    Slight finger pressure moved the spot until it was in the centre of the jack.

    With a little bit of practice I managed to quickly measure the distance.

    I then measured full sized bowls on carpet, having cut a suitably shaped piece of foam. Again an excellent result with measurements done faster than would be possible with a tape. of lawn bowls.

    When trying it outside on grass I had problems because the grass did not have a surface to reflect the laser beam. It took too long to locate the spot on the jack. To get it to work on grass on that day I needed a piece of plastic or a bowls cloth between jack and bowl to line up the spot.

    On another day this problem was not there and I obtained good readings.
    The problems

  • Accuracy – the laser measures to 1 mm This is as good as you can do with an ordinary tape, but I believe that with proper measuring equipment an umpire can make a decision to an accuracy better than 1mm

  • Ensuring that the red spot was on the jack at the moment the button was pushed. To activate the laser you click a button and when you are ready you click again to set the distance. As you click do you move the spot off the center? Some work would need to be done. I think the best support would be a shaped block of wood with 1cm of high density foam stuck to it

  • The laser has a minimum distance of 16cm.Callipers are needed for closer measurements

  • The laser works well for players measuring on carpet but is probably not accurate enough for umpires.

  • On grass and in bright sunlight the spot may not be reliably visible - perhaps a better laser is needed

  • This measure could certainly be used for player measurements in indoor bowls

  • Ultimate Bowls Championship

    Fun Fast and Fresh with $500000 Prizemoney

    The Ultimate Bowls Championship (UBC) is a new, fast format, high stakes, competitive, engaging and innovative way to play and enjoy the gamert of lawn bowls. It has been designed to respect, showcase and grow the game we love

    The Concept
  • There will be 3 events played at Warilla, Deer Park and Moama
  • Each event will have two pools of twleve teams playing a round robin, with the top four from each pool qualifying for the quarter finals and earning prizemoney
  • There will be $150k prize pool per event with $50k bonus for overall 3 event winner
  • The Game
  • Five ends of 3 bowl pairs with a 15 second shot clock (30 at changeover)
  • Scoring 24 points on each end with 10 points for closest, 5 points for 2nd closest and 3 points for 3rd closest
  • There are also 3 points to the team who holds shot after the leads’ bowls have been played and an extra 3 points per toucher.

  • Entry
  • Players – entry through a draft or as a direct selection by a team
  • $100 fee for registration for the draft
  • The competition should fill up in the near future
  • Franchise
  • Normal cost is registration is as little as $35000 for the first year.
  • The team nominates one player and selects two others from the draft

  • Television Cover
    Extensive cover on Channel Seven and Fox Sports

    For full information and to print a brochure click here

    The Modern Etiquette of Bowls

    Recently I found a discussion on face book about the etiquette of bowls.

    Many of the contributors were scathing about some of the long time traditions of the game. Sometimes they had a case.

    When I played my first pennant game in 1995 I was told that in a home game after 5 or 6 ends I had to offer to buy my opponent a drink, and my opponent would buy me a drink after about 15 ends ( afternoon tea in between)

    Happily this tradition has disappeared with everyone providing water points near the green.
    One matter which was discussed on face book was about changeover

    I was taught and still believe that the players other then the third who delivered the bowl should stay behind that player until the delivered bowl come to a rest.

    This is annoying if the third does not move off the mat – I think it should also be etiquette for that player to move off slowly and follow the bowl and that other players should stay behind
    You can find many pages of information about etiquette with a simple web search Here are two of the better web links. Surprisingly I could not find a good You Tube video on the subject - perhaps a project for a young bowler

  • A clear layout guide with pictures Catalogue & Club Bowls & Sports Warehouse
  • From New Zealand Browns Bay Bowling Club
  • From a USA club (17 rules) Santa Clara Lawn Bowls Club

    In the excellent catalogue sports link there is one item I had not seen and disagree with. They say that bowlers should step on the mat from the left side and leave it from the right side.

    Good coaches teach you to step onto the mat along the line you intend to bowl You wait behind the mat to receive the skipper's signal, step to the opposite side and line up your shot

    In the modern game where all bowlers stand on the green at all times I think the distance behind the mat should always be two metres. Not in the etiquette!


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