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    The Getagame Gazette
    volume 1 no 3 August 2015


    With the summer season about to start many clubs will be starting barefoot bowls or night owls. You can list these games at your club as weekly social events in a couple of minutes. Please do so and put a link to the page on your website

    I hope the first article below will be of interest to your coaches and players. Feedback on the contents of the letter would be appreciated.

    Good Bowling
    Bob Tuck
    PS: Of the 1927 clubs in Australia 1919 are registered with get a game. If you do not know your clubs log on details register through this link

  • 2015 Rule Change Has Altered Two Shots
  • Gambling Spreads to Lawn Bowls
  • Injuries from Lawn Bowls
  • Tournaments Across Australia
  • Profitable Singles Tournaments
  • When did bowlers start running down the green?

  • 2015 Rule Change Has Altered Two Shots

    The changes to the rules made in January 2015 did not seem to be very important. The most significant was a change to the foot fault rule where in the stance position instead of having to have the whole of one foot on the mat you can now have any part of either foot on the mat

    I thought the change was a good idea, because it removed from the rules the situation where some bowlers were foot faulting in almost every game.These were the bowlers who had the toe of one foot off the front of the mat and the heel of the other foot off the side of the shown in this photo

    This was always accidental and the bowler could gain no advantage from the practice. I had never seen a bowler actually called for this type of foot fault, but there was the danger from an over zealous umpire, read on

    Gambling Spreads to Lawn Bowls
    An article by Benjamin Preiss in The Age

    Is there no sport that is beyond the reach of gambling?

    Placing bets has long been synonymous with horse racing and mainstream sports, but lawn bowls is now joining the fold read on

    Injuries from Lawn Bowls

    A fact sheet from Sports Medicine Australia

    Lawn bowls is a popular form of physical and social activity in Australia. There are currently in excess of 250,000 registered lawn bowls members in Australia. However, the increase in popularity of social bowls has seen the number of participants increase to over 500,000 nationwide. read on

    Tournaments Across Australia has existed for seven years and the number of tournaments listed has fluctuated over that time. Tournaments on the site do not appear after the playing date but remain in the data base until either the club deletes them or I purge the site of older games (which I last did in 2011

    There are currently 950 tournaments in the data base, enough to provide some interesting statistics on the tournaments played across Australia.

    There are high numbers of social games (zero prize money) because they were listed weekly before the change this year which allows clubs to permanently list their weekly social games.

    These charts are for prizemoney tournaments

    The figures for gender in these prizemoney games surprised me. The mixed group included games described as mixed, cosmopolitan and open, but the term open has several interpretations other than open gender so it may be a little high. Since in earlier years there were far more games listed from South Australia than from anywhere else the percentage of higher money games is low

    Profitable Singles Tournaments

    Singles is the game most commonly seen on television yet it is rarely played in club tournaments. The reasons for this are obvious.
  • Not many players on a lot of rinks
  • Many markers required.
  • Clubs can’t make money from singles
    -or can they? read on

    When did bowlers start running down the green?

    A long time ago

    Have a look at this short film

    This came from the article about bowls in wikapaedia which is well worth reading.

    Our sport has a far longer history than any other popular game

    'It has been traced certainly to the 13th century, and conjecturally to the 12th. William Fitzstephen (d. about 1190), in his biography of Thomas Becket, gives a graphic sketch of the London of his day' read on


    List Weekly Social Games at *|CLUB|*

    The listing of social games by clubs is a significant new feature of get a game. Listing takes only a couple of minutes and is permanent - but you must make sure the information is kept up to date . When you have completed the listing visitors can find them from a list of games on in each state on each day like this or from a 'social' link in the *|CLUB|* listing on 'find a club'

    Add 'Find a Club' to your Favourites

    The 'find a club' section of get a game provides your quickest possible means of finding the phone number and location of any club in Australia - it is well worthwhile to have that link in your favorites

    It also provides links to 995 clubs with web sites and 187 clubs which have a facebook page and no web site

    Each time you get this newsletter would you

  • Check that all your weekly social games are listed and make sure that the information shown is still accurate. Where social games change with the season it is best to edit them when they change

  • Make sure that any tournaments planned by your club have been listed.

  • If you have a weekly social game which has prizemoney and is sponsored you can still list it every week, showing the prizemoney and giving the sponsor exposure.

  • Please make an effort to put one or more links to get a game on your web site

    Apart from a simple link like 'Lawn Bowls Tournaments in Australia' to the tournament listing, you can put in links to some of the other aspects of the site. The addition of the YouTube Coaching section prepared for this newsletter makes the 'Learning the Game' section much more valuable to all of your members, not only your coaches, and there is no better way to 'find a club' than to use the getagame link.

    If you have tournaments listed on the site I can send you a link which will give you all of your club's tournaments in one list at the top of the page, followed by all tournaments in your state.

    You can also put a link in your page to the weekly social games at your club like this one for Chatswood NSW Having this link would save your webmaster the work of editing the club web page whenever you alter your social games, and in most cases supply more details about your weekly socials than is currently on your web page

    If you were not on the mailing list for previous newsletters you can see them from these links

    June 2015

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