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Robert (Bob) Tuck, the originator of getagameofbowls, has recently written a book called Lawn Bowls: The Game & How To Play It Well. You can find out more about the book from this link or read part of the chapter on getting your weight here
You can buy the printed book for $24 posted or as an ebook for less than $5 on all platforms.

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    The Getagame Gazette
    Volume 1 Number 5 February 2016

    This Newsletter was sent to the get a game of bowls mailing list in February 2015

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  • Bushfire disaster hits two clubs
  • The Shooter Stance - great for many bowlers and a helpful for dumpers
  • An IMG report can show who has qualified for finals
  • A monthly television show on bowls

  • A Tale of Two Bowling Clubs
    Wasleys, the town which lost its bowling club
    Yarlop, the bowling club which lost most of its town

    The 2015/16 fire season has been hard on the bowling community and clubs have rallied to help. But more is needed

  • On 19th November in extreme weather conditions a fire started at Pinery SA at 1.15 and headed for Mallala, 15 km away When it was on the outskirts of that town a weather change turned it at right angles and withing 3 hours it soon burnt 80000 hectares of prime farming land, houses and farms sheds, and destroyed the Wasleys Bowling Club, the only community building in that small town. Sadly two beloved bowlers from that district died in the fire see media reports
  • Bowls SA set up a fund for donations to help Wasleys. You can still donate to this fund through this account BOWLS RELIEF FUND BSB 015-627 ACCOUNT 4019-05513
    Wasleys sends a message to all bowls clubs. Check your insurance levels. With older buildings containing asbestos the cost of clearing the site alone is horrific!

  • Yarlop
    Seven minutes. It just about wiped the whole town. It's just - they had to get out of there. It just roared. It was just a roaring fire coming straight down from the hills. It was just unbelievable. It just went through like a wave. It was just unbelievable. It was just something you see in the movies. see media reports

    Fortunately the bowling club survived. Bowls WA set up a fund to help the club in the short term and enable it to provide immediate help to members who had lost their bowls and uniform>s but the club faces a difficult future with loss of members who may not return to the town

    BowlsWA recommends the Lord Mayors Distress Relief Fund. Click on this link to make a donation

    Bowling Clubs Rally to Help

    In both states a neighbouring club ran a zero prizemoney tournament for the club

    On 24th January I was privileged to attend a great tournament at Hamley Bridge Bowling Club which raised over $8500 for Wasleys. On 10th February a tournament at Hall Head raised for Yarlop.

    Both tournaments were listed on getagameofbowls I was pleased to feature them them Nationally– The $1 prizemoney (needed to show sponsors) stood out amongst the very high purses at most of the featured games

    Read about these tournaments

    The Hamley Bridge Tournament for Wasleys The Halls Head Tournament for Yarlop

    The Shooter Stance -

    Great for any bowlers with balance problems and a possible solution for many dumpers

    For the August 2015 edition of gggazette I developed an index of Utube videos for learning or coaching Lawn Bowls.

    When I first saw the Nev Rodda Utube video about the Shooter Stance, I was doubtful whether to include it in my index because I thought that it was too radical, but changed my mind because new ideas should be included.

    When later I checked through the videos I decided to try it out myself. Four months later I have fully converted to my adaptation of the shooter stance!

    It took a long time to change the habits of 20 years, and recently I was thrilled that my skip told me that I was bowling better than I had for many years, and astonished when he told me that he thought the reason was that I was delivering smoothly with no bounce!

    Suddenly I saw the possible benefit of the system for dumpers

    read on

    Useful Report from IMG

    Output from IMG allows you to easily check availability for finals

    If you are entering names of pennant players in sides in the IMG system you can easily generate a report which shows you details of players games and results. This is how to generate the report
    read on

    A Monthly TV Show on Bowls

    Bowls Exposed - like Australian Story, but on bowls

    In 2014 T J Saunders, a member of Bowls SA match and program committee, resigned so that he could concentrate on producing a monthly television program on lawn Bowls. It has turned out to be a great move as the wonderful face to face interviewing of the show has built it a very big audience

    Here is the latest edition

    Bowls Exposed - Episode 12
    Another cracking show of Bowls Exposed, maybe the best yet! This episode features all the action from the 2016 MGA Men's Country Carnival, Australian bowler Brett Wilkie, a pair of 1000's gamers from Hawthorn Bowling Club plus a great segment on greenkeepers including Scott Thulborn and Wayne Ruediger. Don't miss it and please get behind it and help expose the game we all love.

    Please share within your networks and like the. Bowls Exposed Facebook page


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  • Check that all your weekly social games are listed and make sure that the information shown is still accurate. Where social games change with the season it is best to edit them when they change

  • Make sure that any tournaments planned by your club have been listed.

  • If you have a weekly social game which has prizemoney and is sponsored you can still list it every week, showing the prizemoney and giving the sponsor exposure.

  • Add 'Find a Club' to your Favourites

    The 'find a club' section of get a game provides your quickest possible means of finding the phone number and location of any club in Australia - it is well worthwhile to have that link in your favorites

    It also provides links to 995 clubs with web sites and 187 clubs which have a facebook page and no web site

    Please make an effort to put one or more links to get a game on your web site

    Apart from a simple link like 'Lawn Bowls Tournaments in Australia' to the tournament listing, you can put in links to some of the other aspects of the site. The addition of the YouTube Coaching section prepared for this newsletter makes the 'Learning the Game' section much more valuable to all of your members, not only your coaches, and there is no better way to 'find a club' than to use the getagame link.

    You can also put a link in your page to the weekly social games at your club like this one for Chatswood NSW Having this link would save your webmaster the work of editing the club web page whenever you alter your social games, and in most cases supply more details about your weekly socials than is currently on your web page

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