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Robert (Bob) Tuck, the originator of getagameofbowls, has recently written a book called Lawn Bowls: The Game & How To Play It Well. You can find out more about the book from this link or read part of the chapter on getting your weight here
You can buy the printed book for $24 posted or as an ebook for less than $5 on all platforms.

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    The Getagame Gazette

    What is a Skins Tournament?

    In 2013 I played in the Tiger Tournament in Hong Kong and found that it was a skins tournament which was totally different from the tournaments played with that name in South Australia.

    Skins Tournaments are becoming much more popular, so I thought someone should get together a set of rules for tournaments with that name. When I found a third variety I googled the term, looked through four pages of results, and produced six very different games, all of which would make exciting and interesting club tournaments.

    Here is a summary of the rules of all the games I discovered. I have listed them in the order in which I discovered them and given each one a name read on

    The Health Benefits of Bowls

    Here is an article written by Steve Landells for Living Life Well magazine

    Lawn bowls may come with a genteel image of pensioners playing complete with flat caps and blue rinses, but the sport is enjoying an unprecedented boom in interest read on

    Did Crackerjack Change the Bias of Australians About Lawn Bowls?
    The film Crackerjack premiered nearly 13 years ago. Did the success of the Australian Premier League in 2013 and 2014 have its roots in that film? The early reviews of the film are interesting.

    OLD JOE did not like it
    A lot of fuss was made about the new Australian movie "Crackerjack", with many people saying that it was great. If it was going to be as good as Australian movies before it, such as "the castle"and "the dish", I was sure to be in for a good time. However by the end of this movie, I could not have been more wrong, as I found, the characters, the story and the direction of Crackerjack to be disgraceful. This movie does nothing for the game of bowls or the Australian film making industry.
    read on

    News About Getagameofbowls

    Social Games Now Permanently Shown on Getagameofbowls

    I made a very significant change to getagame during May 2015. Clubs can now show their weekly social games in new pages on the site. When you log on for with your user name and pin at the top of the page there is a link to add social games. This can be done in a couple of minutes, and only has to be done once.

    When social games have been entered by a club a link appears alongside the clubs name in the list of clubs which shows all their weekly social games like this. A bowler who is looking for a game can enter the state and click on a link to social games on that day of the week for that state which looks like this

    This introduces a new problem to the site. Because tournaments listed on getagameofbowls disappear on the day they are played there never used to be any out of date information on the site. The social games stay put unless the club edits them or deletes them

    Each time you get this newsletter would you

  • Check that all your social games are listed and make sure that the information shown is still accurate.
  • Where social games change with the season you can put this in the listing but it is better to edit them when they change
  • Make sure that any tournaments planned by your club have been listed.
  • Also list any fortnightly or monthly games in the tournaments section. If you have a sponsor for these games the sponsor can be shown. I am particularly keen to see the fortnightly and monthly games social games listed because other social games will not longer be in the lists to separate the sponsored games
  • If you have a weekly social game which has prizemoney and is sponsored you can still list it every week, showing the prizemoney and giving the sponsor exposure. It only takes two clicks to add each extra week after the original entry has been correctly listed

  • Listed tournaments can now be edited

    In your club list of tournaments at the bottom of the page there is now a link alongside each tournament which allows you to edit it. Previously you had to fill to copy it, change the details and delete the old copy. The editing button makes it much simpler

    You can not change the playing date, but all other details can be changed