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Lawn Bowls:The Game and How to Play It Well

This page is being developed for use with my new bowls book 'Lawn Bowls:The game and How to Play it Well' which has been published in June 2020 as a quality printed book and will soon be available as an ebook on most platforms.

This 80 page book provides basic information and techniques for bowlers of all ages and skill levels.

  • Beginners will be able to quickly learn enough to become competent bowlers at social games and in their initial pennant season.

  • More experienced bowlers will find ideas that may help them to improve their basics: groove, green and weight.

  • A variety of different practice routines will help club coaches

  • Board members and bowls coordinators will find lots of material to help in promoting their club, gaining new members, and running profitable tournaments.

  • I have self published this book and I have a the initial printing available through my bookselling page on It is not yet available anywhere else.
    In this book I first of all look at the best Australian bowls books of the 20th century. When writing about each aspect of the game I refer back to these books, quoting valuable advice from Harrison, Bosisto, Snell and Newton. You can see part of the chapter on getting your weight here

    The listed price of the book will be AUD18.95. The price through my ABEbooks page is AUD13.95 with the set postage of AUD11.73 to anywhere in Australia. The discount of the price is because the book will be posted as large letter, saving $5 on the postage.

    You can order the book
    by clicking here

    I have this ABE books site because in one of my other retirement activities I have run an annual book sale benefitting school chaplains in my area. In the book sale all books are $2, $4 or $6. When I find a book valued at $15 of more I list it on the ABE site. Over 15 years we have raised over $30000 through the sales and $10000 through the ABE web site. You can see all of the books on the site through this link.

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