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Lawn Bowls:The Game and How to Play It Well

This 80 page book provides basic information and techniques for bowlers of all ages and skill levels.

  • Beginners will be able to quickly learn enough to become competent bowlers at social games and in their initial pennant season.

  • More experienced bowlers will find ideas that may help them to improve their basics: groove, green and weight.

  • A variety of different practice routines will help club coaches

  • Board members and bowls coordinators will find lots of material to help in promoting their club, gaining new members, and running profitable tournaments.

  • I have self published this book and I have a the initial printing available through my bookselling page on at a cost of $24 posted to Australia. The printed book is not yet available anywhere else. It is now also available as an ebook from all platforms for prices less than $5
    This is a revue from Michael Beaumont, Bowls Australia Director of Coaching

    Coaching resource
    Like me, you are probably constantly on the look out for coaching resources, books, newsletters etc. Bob Tuck very kindly sent me a copy of his Coaching Manual “Lawn Bowls, The game and how to play it well”. As you can imagine I do get sent a few bits and pieces like this from time to time and if they are not very good, I just shelve them. This is very good.

    The soft cover book is 75 pages, glossy covered, and I think it's really good. Bob is a South Australian and has done it all in the admin of the game. The book costs $24 and is worth every penny, I think. I always think of it this way. Did I get one new idea? If yes, it's money well spent. Did I get more than one new idea? If yes, it's a bargain. If I get more than two, then the purchase price doesn't even enter the equation. I think this is one of those books.

    I was a huge fan of the maths section. But other sections may resonate with you. There is a good section on practice routines which is always helpful for any coach. For more information you can visit his website The manual is also available as an ebook for $5 and the profits of the online version go to Bob’s club.

    In this book I first of all look at the best Australian bowls books of the 20th century. When writing about each aspect of the game I refer back to these books, quoting valuable advice from Harrison, Bosisto, Snell and Newton.

    I believe that any bowler who follows the weight training practise routine in this book and spends one hour three times a week for at least four weeks will achieve a significant improvement in weight control.

    Here are the first few comments I received about the book.

  • Michael (veteran bowler -former club champion) “I don’t believe it – you have written a book about bowls which is easy to read”

  • James (proofreader – an English Journalist living in Holland) “It is an exquisite book but it needs a finish” which it now has!

  • David (skipper) “I wish I had been able to read a book like this when I started playing bowls ten years ago. I tried the hint about driving from John Snell and it works well for me”

  • John (20-year bowling) “I think I will use the shooters’ stance you wrote about because improves my balance”

  • Hugh “I got something out of the book immediately. I was not walking onto the mat along the line of my bowl. As soon as I started doing that my accuracy improved”

  • None of those who have made comments have had the book long enough to try the training the brain procedure for weight improvement.

    You can see part of the chapter on getting your weight here

    Buying the Book

  • Printed Book: I have had a limited number of this 80 page book quality printed on 130gsm paper. It would be an ideal gift for any bowler.

    The listed price of the book is AUD20. I have set the price on my ABEbooks*** page so that it will cost $24 including postage to anywhere in Australia. You can order it by clicking here. ABEbooks is an overseas web site and some Australian banks may charge an additional fee (less than $1) for the overseas transactions and exchange the currency at a less favourable rate. To cover this I will reduce the postage by an additional $1

    You can order the book by paypal by clicking the button below and using your paypal account or your credit card. If you use paypal please send me your address in a separate email to

  • E Book: The ebook is now available on all platforms at prices of less than $6.
    For example : Amazon : Booktopia : Barnes and Noble : Kobo

  • *** is used by almost every second hand book seller in the world. If you want to find or value a book it is the place to look.

    I have this ABE books site because in one of my other retirement activities I collect unwanted book from local churches and run an annual book sale benefitting school chaplains in my area. In the book sale all books are $2, $4 or $6. When I find a book valued at $15 of more I list it on the ABE site. Over 15 years we have raised over $30000 through the sales and $10000 through the ABE web site. You can see all of the books on my site through this link.

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